AT&T U-Verse VAP2500: The Passwords, They Do Nothing!

You may have heard by now that AT&T has a “wireless” cable box offering for its U-Verse customers, which is pretty sweet. But what I wasn’t aware of is that, in order for this cable box to connect to your network, you need to put their special wireless access point on your network as well. Basically, this means that a device you have no control over is now sitting there on your network waiting for wifi connections. Never one to put an unknown like that in my environment, I decided to dig a little deeper, and what I found did not exactly inspire confidence.

Easy Root for the Iomega iConnect

Recently, I have taken to poking around in embedded devices for what I am told by some is something called “fun”. Apparently, word of this hobby of mine has gotten around because a coworker dropped an old Iomega iConnect he had laying around on my desk for me to play with.